Analytics Setup Advanced Features

Everyone can be Analytics Ninja with the Analytics Setup Bundle.


Single-Page-Applications Tracking

Today, many websites are built as so called SPAs (Single Page Applications). For those standard Google Analytics tracking does not work = does not track pageviews.

Our setup has built in functionality that tracks every browser’s history change, so you can track pageveiw again!


Multi-language Support

Do you want English event names for one project and Spanish names for another?

Setup your Spanish event names once a then just switch en to es (for Spanish) in the only setup field.

The changes will apply to all Google Analytics and Facebook event names.

Custom Events Tracking

If you want to push special event to Google Analytics, you can use this piece of code and just change eventCategory, eventAction, eventLabel and eventValue values.

Example (dynamic form submission):

'gaEventData': {
'eventCategory':'Form Submit',
'eventValue': 0
'eventCallback' : function() {
dataLayer.push({'gaEventData': undefined });

→ See details on the demo page

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