Testing Add-ons

  • Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on — Blocks GA tracking of your computer.
  • Google Analytics Debugger — Test & debug GA code (output to browser console). Chrome browser only.
  • WASP.Inspector — Test & debug several types of codes (incl. GA, GTM, Adwords, Facebook etc.) Chrome browser only.
  • Google Tag Assistant — Test & debug Google services codes (GA, GTM, Adwords, …). Chrome browser only.
  • Event Tracking Tracker — Tracks all GA events and shows in easy-to-read table. List persists even when going to another webpage Chrome browser only.
  • Ghostery — Shows all types of 3rd party codes in a website a option to block then all or one-by-one.
  • BuiltWith — Another spying tool. Shows not just all types of 3rd party codes but much more like server platform, programming language, content management system used etc.

Working with Google Analytics

  • Table Booster  — Enhances table reports with colors and graphs and shows statistical significance (Z-test). Chrome browser only.
  • Statistical Test for Google Analytics — Tests statistical significance withing Google Analytics reports Chrome browser only.

Export data from Google Analytics

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