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Ecommerce Analytics Infographics
for Your Presentations

Setup in 5 minutes. → Save hours of work. Get allways up to date infographics.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Looker Studio template containing nice ecommerce funnel / user journey infographics.

Overview & Detail

Not just infographics. See the detailed data in tables.


Interactive & Up to date

Filter by Country & Device Type, Source, Medium & Date range.

Easy & Professional Looking

Easy to setup and modify.

Share Easily

Share the reports with individuals as well as everyone with the link.

Get rid of manual copy pasting numbers to your presentations or infographics.

This is a set of nice Google Analytics (GA4) Ecommerce infographics filled with up to date date (ecommerce metrics). Additionally on the setup page, you can set a date range and filters (source, medium, country, device category).

You can get the output as a PDF or copy / paste it to your presentation using a screenshot tool.

All three infographics include these metrics in the ecommerce funnel / user journey:

  1. All users / Sessions
  2. Product views
  3. Adds to cart
  4. Checkouts
  5. Transactions (& Total revenue)

Value for Money

Unlimited websites

Report can be easily duplicated for all your websites at no additional cost.


Lifetime License

One-time investment. No monthly payments once purchased.

Share Easily

Share the reports with individuals as well as everyone with the link.

Instant Access

You will get the template immediately upon your payment.

Safe & Secure

14-days Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked.


Try Before You Buy

See the report template in action. Click View Demo button above.

When you purchase the template you will be able to duplicate the template for your projects.


Secure One-time Payment

No recuring payment. 100% secure payment is guaranteed by our technology partner - Gumroad payment system.

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