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GTM for WordPress Setup

Follow the step-by-step video tutorial.

  1. Install “Google Tag Manager for WordPress” (GTM4WP) plugin from https://wordpress.org/plugins/duracelltomi-google-tag-manager/ and activate it.
  2. In the Settings menu, choose “Google Tag Manager”.
  3. In the General tab, enter GTM ID and click “Save changes”.
  4. Switch to “Basic data” tab and in the “Posts” sub-tab check all checkboxes. Click “Save changes”.
  5. Switch to “Search” sub-tab (under “Basic data”) and check “Search data”. Click “Save changes”.
  6. You can test that WordPress variables are pushed to Google Tag Manager dataLayer. You can use for example Chrome extension called “Datalayer Checker”.
  7. Or you can use more complex Chrome extension “Analytics Debugger” that shows dataLayer and Google Analytics events.