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Google Analytics 4 – GA4 Limits

GA4 Event Limits & Custom Dimension Limits

  • Events and parameters (dimensions)
    • Number of custom event dimensions: 50
    • Number of unique event names: unlimited for web streams (500 for app streams)
    • Number of parameters for each event: 25
    • Event name length: 40 characters
    • Parameter name length: 40 characters
    • Parameter value length: 100 characters
  • User dimensions
    • Number of custom user dimensions: 25
    • User custom dimension name length: 24
    • Length of user custom dimension values: 36
  • Length of User-ID values: 256 characters


The maximum length of an event name is 40 characters, and you can have up to 500 unique event names per account.

Event parameters

You can send a maximum of 25 different parameters for each event at the same time. The parameter name length is a maximum of 40 characters and the parameter value cannot be longer than 100 characters.

Custom dimensions and metrics

You can create up to 25 user-level dimensions. The length of their name is limited to 24 characters and the length of their value is limited to 36 characters.

For event-level dimensions, the limits are looser, so you can create up to 50 of them. You send them to GA4 as parameters, so their length must fit within 100 characters.

GA4 will allow you to create 50 custom metrics.

Source: Original Google documentation – GA4 Event Collection.

GA4 Configuration Limits

The limits in the table below are valid for a free version of Google Analytics 4.

ConfigurationLimit per property
Custom insights50
User-scoped custom dimensions25
Event-scoped custom dimensions50
Event-scoped custom metrics50
Registered custom conversion events30
Data retentionUp to 14 months
Explorations200 created per user 500 shared
Explore sampling limits10M events per query
Ads links400

Source: Original Google documentation – GA Configuration Limits.