Online marketers, web developers and clients can save time & money if they understand each other. Marketers need the data about website users’ behavior. And they cannot get the data without a support of web developers.

I will show you 5 cases where a web developer can bring a solution appreciated by marketers. All the solutions are reusable. Make them part of your CMS or libraries. Invest your time once, save it on every project in the future.

This was the topic of my WebExpo 2018 talk. Here are the 5 solutions:

5 Use Cases = 5 Reusable Solutions

  1. Content Grouping: Why? & How?
  2. Page Elements Click Tracking
  3. Single-page Websites Analytics
  4. AJAX Websites or Single-Page Application Web Analytics
  5. Redirects: Do Not Let Them Kill Your On-line Marketing

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