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Google Analytics 4 Advanced Tracking Setup


The setup consists of several parts:

  1. Google Tag Manager (GTM) GA4 setup import = adds advanced tracking functionality
  2. Google Analytics 4 Custom Dimensions setup = needed for advanced tracking functionality
  3. (optionally) Google Tag Manager WordPress setup with GTM4WP (Google Tag Manager for WordPress) plugin.

Parts 1 and 2 are described below in step-by-step videos (and text instructions).

For parts 3 and 4 follow the links above.

GA4 GTM Import

Follow the step-by-step video tutorial.

  1. Go to Google Tag Manager
  2. And create a new container under your account. Click the three dots next to the gear icon (next to the Account title). Then click “Create Container”.
  3. Enter a Container name. Select a target platform “Web”. Finally click “Create” button.
  4. Now you can see the GTM code that must be added to your website. In content management systems like WordPress, only GTM ID (GTM-XXXX) should be filled in the appropriate field. Just click “OK”.
  5.  In the top menu click “Admin”. Then in the Container menu choose “Import Container”.
  6. Select the GTM JSON configuration file.
  7. A) In Choose workspace: choose “Default workspace”.
    B) Choose “Merge” import option and let “Overwrite conflicting tags, triggers, and variables.
    However, there should be NO conflicting items.
  8. Optionally, you can click “View detailed changes”.
  9. Finally, click “Confirm” button.
  10. After a while you should see all the new tags, triggers, and variables imported.
  11. On the Workspace changes (or in Variables) page, you should see “-GA4 ID” variable. Click the variable name.
  12. And change the value from “G-XYXX” to your Google Analytics 4 Measurement Id.
  13. Finally, in the top right corner click “Submit”.
  14. Give the GTM version a name and click “Publish”.
  15. After a while your GTM setup is published. This means the setup is live (of course if the GTM code is on your website).

GA4 Custom Dimensions setup

Note: Custom Dimensions setup must be done before creating a Looker Studio Data Source (based on the Google Analytics property that requires custom dimensions).

There are some Custom Dimensions needed for advanced measurement.

See the list of dimensions in the table below.

Follow the step-by-step video tutorial.

  1. Go to your Google Analytics 4 property.
  2. In the main menu click “Admin”.
  3. In the Property column, click “Custom definitions”.
  4. Click “Create custom dimensions” button.
  5. Enter Dimension, Description and Event parameter value. Use the values form the table in this how-to article. Leave “Scope” option unchanged (value “Event”).
  6. Click Save.
  7. Repeat the setup for all needed custom dimensions.

List of Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

Depending on your GA4 Setup Bundle variant only some of the listed custom variables are relevant for you. The relevant dimensions are marked with a check mark ✔️).

  • Custom Dimension Name and Parameter Name are required.
  • Description is optional.